In the heart of historic Florence stands the Palazzo

   Davanzati a rare example of the stylistic shift in city

   architecture from the medioeval tower-house to the

   renaissance palace. The palazzo was built for the

   Davizzi family in the middle of the 14th century and

   purchased by the Davanzati family in 1578, who

   continued to occupy it until 1838. The antiquarian Elia

   Volpi acquired the building in 1904 and outfitted it to be

   reminiscent of an ancient home, in 1910 the palace was

   opened to the public as a private museum. In the early

   1950’s the building was acquired by the Italian

   Government and became a museum dedicated to

   ancient Florentine domestic life. The museum collection

   includes carved wooden furniture, wedding chests,

   treasure chests, paintings, tapestries, pottery and

   kitchen ware and utensils. In the living quarters original

   elements have been preserved such as painted wooden

   ceilings and murals depicting, garden scenes, coats of

   arms and, in one case, the story of the Lady of Vergy.

   Two rooms house the most important part of the

   collection: laces and embroideries, a selection of the

   most refined examples of European craftsmanship from

   the 17th to the 20th centuries.

   The historic Palazzo Martelli, an ancient museum-house 

   in the heart of Florence, was still property of the 

   Martelli family up to 1986. In 1999 it became in

   possession of the State and was open as a Museum in

   2009. The Florentine Martelli family of bankers and art

   patrons, historically tied to the Medici in their rise and

   governing Florence, purchased the house that only in

   XVIII Century became definitively a palace.
   Palazzo Martelli is, in Florence, the only example of a

   museum-house that has not been refurbished in a

   subsequent stage by a later collector. Instead, it is the

   living result of the multigenerational patronage of one

   family. The “domestic atmosphere” created not only by

   the works of art, but also by the original fabrics and 

   ancient furnishings and décor, makes it particularly

   interesting and novel experience for the visitor.
   Some of the private chambers, such as the large rooms

   adjacent the picture gallery, the ball room and the

   other chambers are a prestigious setting for receptions,

   conventions and reunions and a unique opportunity

   among those offered by Florentine museums.

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